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Time to save the world!

The Earth Tykes show their disapproval of the global corporations wrecking our lives and the world...[below]

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    My name is Paolo Raphael and I am the writer and illustrator of the Earth Tykes Transmissions.


    I should firstly say, that I feel like I am completing a mission here on Earth, by creating and publishing the Earth Tykes stories. The books are presented as a series of transmissions from a people hidden from humanity; like a lost tribe, but with advanced technology. My initial idea was derived from a documentary I saw about a tribe called the Kogi from Columbia, South America. The Kogi came down from their hidden mountain kingdom to teach the city dwellers, who they called their 'younger Brothers', about the serious problems caused by environmental destruction. They knew it was time to communicate with the rest of humanity, because the ice on their sacred mountain was beginning to melt. The Kogi understood the relationship between their local environmental problems and those of the world at large; the microcosm and the macrocosm, they knew how to read the signs. Such analysis had been overlooked by western scientists.

    As I began to create the ideas for the Earth Tykes books, I recognized, as the Kogi did, the necessity to write something about the awakening of human consciousness, to re-establish an education system that was firstly, actually relevant to the planetary intergalactic situation we are in, but also, to stimulate the human imagination. It is with our imagination and our feelings that we create the future, so if our future is presented as dire debt slavery as opposed to an open canvas for human creativity, then this is not good at all. Our world leaders have let us down in every conceivable way, with one or two exceptions of course.

 The transition of humanity from terrestrial to extraterrestrial with the ideal of bringing heaven down to Earth, is how we should now envisage ourselves, collectively as a species. The way is open for change





and I believe a new financial system is about to be introduced, an end to oil control, [writing Dec 2016]. I wanted the Earth Tykes stories to be educational in an enjoyable way, to be a part of the future of things, not just more of the same 'safe' material; life isn't safe, it is fabulously dangerous and so it should be, it keeps us on our toes. The more options we have, the greater the possibility for mistakes, but that is also a part of life. The important thing is to evolve by our own efforts and our own learning processes. This cannot happen if corporate monsters control everything. Each culture should be celebrating its individuality under the common consensus, that we all work together as humanity. We should explore the uniqueness of other cultures around the world, then absorb their essence into our souls, this is the way. The European Union for example, needs a major rethink; the French people would have told you that from the start, now everyone is saying it.

    Perhaps the motivation behind the Earth Tykes Transmissions is best summed up by the following devotion that I have placed at the beginning of every book:




"Dedicated to the future, the human imagination, and the freedom to be creative in any way we choose, for the benefit of our world."

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The Earth Tykes Transmissions...

    The Earth Tykes transmissions are lavishly illustrated books that take us on a journey of imaginative self discovery. There are journeys out into space, into the inner Earth and into the interior of ourselves, our dreamworlds and beyond.

    Which age group? The original idea was to write for grown-up coffee table reading, something with a little humour but leaning towards, spirituality, ecology and the possibilities of humane science. However, as a kid I would have loved these books despite the ocassional advanced technological jargon, which would have been a great way to learn; so you be the judge about the age group.  


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Introducing The Earth Tykes



Earth Tykes 2022

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Links relating to creativity websites that we feel in spirit at least, are associated with Paolo Raphael's dedication to the future and the human imagination.

    The Earth Tykes Transmissions are primarily a vehicle for the presentation of new ideas for the future of our world. Like others, the Venus, Sirius and Orion Projects, the Earth Tykes project seeks to inspire a world of possibilities for a creative humanity, not a culture of war and debt slavery. Those who have taken total control of our world, have known no bounds of malice and cruelty against humanity and indeed all life.

    Let's communicate, and switch ourselves on; our consciousness, our creativity and our love.

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